My fitness journey

i love being active. It makes such a huge impact in my life, so i decided to make my first meaingful post about this subject. My fitness journey and some useful tips to live a healthier life. I hope it can be useful. So let’s get into it!

I wasn’t always a big fan of sports, actually i hated PE classes most of my life! Well, what happened? It’s not that complicated: I found myself the most suitable options to begin my fitness journey and changed my life. The hardest part was my mindset. When i was younger i always wanted to be something different. I compared myself to instagram celebs, whose body is “perfect”. And why is the quotation mark? They are indeed beautiful, but so are you and me. Everyone is unique on their own way and it was hard to realize, that sport isn’t just about appearance. It’s about passion, finding yourself, being kind to yourself and nourish your soul. I realized that i shouldn’t wait for big changes in days or weeks, it’s not that simple. It’s a lifestyle.

How to change your life and start to be a better yourself?:) Here are some of my tips:

  • the most important step is to change your mindset: if you have problems with your self-confidence i recommend to write down 3 things you like about yourself everyday! It can be hard at first, but be patient and believe in yourself. Also, i recommend you to stop following social media influencers, who you tend to compare yourself.
  • make small changes first: you should start small changes, like start drinking more water and don’t skip breakfasts. Doing some yoga in the mornings can make wonders! I can recommend the following youtube channel: You can find some 10 minutes morning yoga flows to help you boost your energy level for the rest of the day!
  • make a fitness plan: i recommend goint to the gym lifting weights 2/3 times a week and doing HIIT 2 times a week. It’s also great to run a little after you weigh lifting exercises! Oh and don’t forget to stretch before and after each exercise!
  • don’t overdo it!: You should have 1/2 or even 3 resting days per week. It’s important to listen to your body! if you feel pain in your body or you are sick you definitely should skip your practice. Also, some people tend to think that you can only be fit if you are in the gym for hours in a day. It’s false. You shouldn’t overwork yourself or you can get serious injuries. I recommend to workout for 45 minutes each day if you take one resting day in a week.
  • take resting days seriously: You should take your resting days seriously, because this way you can prevent yourself from burn out or serious injuries too! With a resting day you give your body some time to rest and change!

I hope my tips are helpful for a lot of you!:) Don’t forget to subscribe for other content!

I’m a 19 years old girl and i write about everything that comes to my mind. I hope a lot of you will enjoy my articles!